Sharing our Love of Matcha

A few years ago we were drowning in endless pots of coffee and needed to make a change. Coffee was leaving us feeling drained and jittery so we set out to learn about other natural sources of energy. Through a bit of research and friend recommendations, we came upon matcha, a unique green tea. Matcha's energy was long lasting and left us feeling better each day, leading us to the answer we were looking for.

It became apparent that not all matcha was created equal. We went through many tastings and batches of matcha to find that only a handful were enjoyable to drink. Our intent was to provide an experience that indulges the senses, not just to have a healthy energy drink. We found that exceptional matcha begins from refined farming techniques and expert craftsmanship. Ultra Matcha is beyond energy; our matcha exceeds in flavor, body, and aroma.

Performance Matcha

We took what we knew about matcha to make performance enhancing matcha green tea. In early 2016, we released Charge an energy stimulating performance blend. Since then, we added Boost, a cognitive enhancer, and Recover, a nutrient dense matcha blend to support the repair and recovery of the body.  Ultra Matcha will continue to customize and hand blend matcha while never losing sight of the ultimate goal: calming the mind, enriching the body, and uplifting the spirit.

Mixing up some test blends in the lab!

A little about our mission…

We believe that being active is part of a healthy lifestyle and we are all too familiar with the challenges of maintaining balance in our fast paced modern culture. Using matcha to enhance and improve your daily routine can help you get more out of each moment. Thank you for joining us on this journey to enhance your wellness!


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