Be in Charge

Charge Blend is designed with yerba mate, matcha tea and guarana. This unique combination of immediate and slow release stimulants create a synergistic effect that provide calm energy that sustains you throughout the day. We blended it to be a healthy alternative to coffee that can also act as a pre-workout supplement. Learn More

Traditional Matcha

This matcha represents quality long lasting tradition. It is some of the smoothest and freshest you can get sourced from Japan.

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Performance Matcha

This enhanced matcha is designed for specific times of your day and your most demanding goals.

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Our Full Line


All grades of matcha we carry are of the highest quality. Classic is a fantastic daily drink which will not disappoint with a rich emerald color and smooth full bodied taste. Providing ultra quality requires that we start at the top level and work our way higher! If you're so daring, our Ceremonial Grade has an exceptionally refined taste and can be considered the best of the crop.