#MatchaMandalas: A Peek into Green Gold

Welcome to our first ever official #MatchaMandalas! Mandalas are beautiful representations of the universe stemming from Hinduism and Buddhism. Reminding us that we are a part of this wholeness and infinity, we want to resonate with that feeling over a cup of matcha, Therefore, we are super excited to start this series we call #MatchaMandalas to share what we have learned about this beverage we consume daily (at least for the Ultra Matcha team), providing you with information on the different aspects of matcha. After all, the journey to some kind of enlightenment starts with knowing thyself and what better way than to start with creating awareness of our bodies and what we put in it. We truly believe a better you can radiate out into other aspects of your life. Join us in delving deeper and expanding your knowledge starting with this cup of tea! Enough intro, let's begin!

cup of matcha with mandala drawing

What is M A T C H A, this super green drink that we're raving about??

It's green tea, obviously from the color! The most common preparation of green tea is through steeping the tea leaves in a bag in 175 degree water. Matcha is special because it's processed and enjoyed differently than green teas that you might normally drink. First of all, this beautiful form of green tea is a result of being shade-grown for 3-6 weeks prior to harvest typically in May -- that means this would be late March to early April, when the shading process would begin! Simply, the leaves are removed from the stem and branches, dried, sorted for grade, and ground into this fine powder.

Drinking matcha is consuming the whole leaf so the benefits are quite high when you do this. Antioxidants, caffeine, and brain boost are among the many benefits of matcha that make it desirable to a healthy lifestyle. So much work goes into creating the experience of that cup of matcha you drink... doesn't it send tingles of excitement up your spine?!

So there you have it, a really tiny peek into a green world we are going to explore in this series we call #MatchaMandalas.