#MatchaMandalas: Quick Prep Matcha

Today we'll do a quick rundown on the preparation of matcha. This way you can get going on how to start enjoying this tea while you read and scroll through our blog and Instagram page now, and in the future ;)


1. Your matcha bowl isn't necessary (even though we all have one right??); any mug will suffice. Our crew prefers a nice 12oz mug to start with - anything smaller can cause overflow. 

2. You'll also need your electric frother to blend the tea. So go on and get it, or order one from

3. In the cup, add in 1 teaspoon, then 6 oz. 175° and BLEND with the frother watch the swirling until it does it's thing: froth.

4. Serve immediately and enjoy!

P.S. If you're a slow drinker, be sure to swirl your cup around every once and a while due to the matcha settling to the bottom - after all, that's the good stuff you want in your belly :)