GET refreshed with CHILLED MATCHA!

nothing better at refreshing your mind than a cup of cold shaken matcha!

When on the go, enjoy the same benefits of matcha in a shaker bottle. Stash a couple of To-Go Packets before you start your day! When it’s hot out or you're heading to the gym, fill your shaker bottle with ice to help create a refreshing chilled tea you’ll love.


    1. In a shaker bottle, add 10 oz. of cold water.
    2. Add 1 To-Go packet or 1 tsp of Ultra Matcha.
    3. Shake bottle vigorously for approximately 10 seconds until the tea is emerald green and frothed up.
    4. Drink right away and enjoy!
    glass of matcha in summer.jpg
    matcha in shaker.jpg
    man drinking matcha.jpg