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We've put together an all inclusive box to get you started down the path of quick and easy matcha. Our Classic Grade Matcha is featured for it's smooth sweet-grassy notes that make this a wonderful daily drink kit.



Ceremonial Matcha


Vitality • Cognition • Nutrition

All grades of matcha we carry are of the highest quality. Our Classic Grade Matcha is a fantastic daily drink which will not disappoint with a rich emerald color and smooth full bodied taste. Providing ultra quality requires that we start at the top level and work our way higher! If you're so daring, our Ceremonial Grade Matcha has an exceptionally refined taste and can be considered the best of the crop. 


Enhanced Matcha Blends

Our blends push matcha to a new level with enriching nutrients, effective antioxidants, and enduring energy. These all natural ingredients provide a foundation that will support you through life's many challenges.


Enhanced Matcha


Enhanced Matcha


Enhanced Matcha

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